octubre 6, 2022

La mañana de cordoba

La mañana de cordoba

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The employees of the Cordoba newspaper have been denouncing for months the “emptying” of the company. Today 10 people were dismissed and as a protest measure the paper version of the newspaper will not be published and the web page will not be updated “until the dismissed employees are reinstated”.

Judicial sources indicated that a legal advisor of the newspaper and of LV2 radio station had requested by e-mail to Manuel Vázquez -Jaime’s advisor- clarifications on his continued employment. This is another of the e-mails seized by the courts.


The Popular Party leaves behind the wear caused by the crisis with Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The PSOE maintains its expectations, but it is United We can which falls a little by the questioning of Yolanda Diaz.

The Popular Party leaves behind the wear caused by the crisis with Isabel Díaz Ayuso. The PSOE maintains its expectations, but it is Unidas Podemos which drops a little due to the questioning of Yolanda Díaz.

Reservations for the Renault Mégane E-Tech start today with a price starting at 35,200 euros for the 130 hp version and with 40 kWh battery, as well as Equilibre trim level. The range will also have versions with 60 kWh batteries, both with this engine and 220 hp. Renault Mégane E-Tech, the new electric compact.

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In the first month of operation, the following tasks were carried out: repair of lights, pruning, unblocking of sidewalks due to waste, debris and weeds, extractions, cutting and removal of dry trees, maintenance of green spaces, painting of curbs and sweeping, from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm.

After the PASO on Sunday, Campo Abierto will be presented, an Inaes program that seeks to contribute to the change of the sector’s logics and that would have an additional benefit: the reduction of food costs.

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The province is one of the most chosen places when it comes to vacationing, but very few know some magical corners and almost without visitors to disconnect from everything and enjoy nature at its best. We show them to you here.

Campsites in the Sierra de Córdoba are one of the most popular and practiced tourist-recreational activities in natural areas. In Cordoba there are many to know, but we chose five that stand out for their distinctive proposal, for their trajectory or for their environment.

They are located in the middle of the Vaquerías Natural Reserve, in the Punilla Valley. The complete tour to visit the two waterfalls takes a little more than two hours and is free. How to get there, days and times to visit them.

“Del Potro’s situation depends on his physical condition. If he is well, he will play, one of the three wild cards will be for him”, explained Martín Jaite, director of the tournament. The “Peque” was the winner of the Argentina Open this 2021.

The Municipality and the private sector started a complete program aimed at transforming the city into a very attractive spot for visiting tourists. Watch the details in this Canal 10 article.

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